Low-Fat Fried Fish

Sure, we all know fish makes a healthy — not to mention damn tasty — meal. But in between the fish bathed in Creole sauce, or baked with butter and lemon, or grilled, you know you have a hankering for some fish with that incredible crunchy crust you only get from frying. Admit it. You're a crunchaholic. So here's the good — no GREAT — news: You can get your crunch on without going off the deep end with fatty oils. This recipe works on any firm-fleshed fish, so you can make it with halibut or cod, with snapper, grouper or sheepshead. Instead of dunking the filets in a pot of boiling oil, you incorporate a small amount of oil into the breading, and then use a light spritz of oil in the pan. This recipe is for the stovetop, but you can make this just as easily in the oven using the same directions. Then sit back and chow down on some amberjack al dente, or a plate of crunchy cod — without feeling the least bit guilty. Want to feel even better? Instead of one of the common cooking sprays like PAM, pick up some organic canola oil spray (like Target's Simply Balanced) or use a spritz of virgin olive oil. Your tastebuds will never know how healthy you're eating.



4 fresh fillets

1/2 cup cornmeal or panko bread crumbs

1 tablespoon paprika



Cooking spray or olive oil





Sprinkle fillets evenly with salt and pepper to taste (or use a spicy seasoning blend, such as Creole or Caribbean jerk).

Stir together yellow cornmeal (or panko) and 1 tablespoon paprika in a shallow dish

Dredge fillets in breading mixture

Coat lightly with vegetable cooking spray

Cook in a hot, nonstick skillet over medium heat 3 to 4 minutes on each side or until fish begins to flake and is opaque throughout.

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