Big Shrimp = Big Health Benefits

Follow these tips and you'll grill fish perfectly every time.

Bigger isn't always better — unless you're talking shrimp. In which case, bigger is way better and gargantuan is, well, great! Our U6 shrimp are the pride of the Gulf of Mexico. Crazy big crustaceans that cruise the depths, graze on flowing fields of sea grass and plump up on plankton. And U6 means exactly what you think it does — these shrimp average six to the pound, or more than two and a half ounces EACH.


So they're big and tasty, but what about the health benefits? Shrimp are not only the most popular seafood in the world, they're also one of the best for you. Twp of these babies have 24 grams of protein in only 112 calories with no cholesterol. They also have 100% of the recommended daily allowance (RDA) for the key antioxidant selenium, 75% of RDA of B-12, 50% for phosphorous and 30% for copper, choline and iodine. Shrimp also contains astaxanthin, a rare antioxidant that helps repair brain cells and muscle tissue. And all that goodness comes wrapped in a delicately flavored package ideal for sauteeing or grilling. You probably wouldn't baste your Centrum tablets in butter and garlic and throw them on the barbie, but that's just the beginning of the possibilities for monster shrimp.


Here's a jaw-dropper: U6 aren't even the biggest shrimp out there. The biggest shrimp on record went a whopping 16 inches long. That monster might be too much of a good thing for smaller appetites but the health benefits apply to shrimp of all sizes, so even if you can't find a batch of U6, every time you've got shrimp on your plate, you're helping yourself to better health.






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